Sunday, November 14, 2010

Is It Possible to Shoot This Much Cum?

This older chick gets slammed with what seems to be a gallon of jizz from this guy's cock! Is it possible for one guy to shoot that much cum at one time? These cumshot videos look real to me, that man goo seems to be spurting directly from his dick...
What do you think?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Why do men love ridiculous huge cumshots videos like Monsters Of Jizz?

Hey guys this is the lonely wife here to ask you a question. Why do massive cumshots like the ones in Monsters of Jizz turn you on so much?

It seems like alot of these cumshots aren't even real because when you look at them these guys are pumping out ridiculous amounts of semen spraying all over the place like their dick is a fire hose of cum or something!

But I know you love these vids cuz they are some of the most popular, highly rated cumshots videos being made and along with other huge cum shots sites like Cumshot Surprise they continuously draw alot of members who want to download every damn video they can get their hands on!

Is it just because you like to see chicks plastered with massive amounts of man goo? I'm sure it's a turn on when some girl with big tits gets cum all over those breasts, or if she wearing glasses she gets blinded by a huge cum load. It's got to be the turn on right?

Well whatever it is please feel free to comment on my blog because I would really like to know exactly what the big deal is with cumshots videos like Monsters Of Jizz!

Thanks LOADS...hehe